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Hybrid Storage Solutions

The Hybrid of Solar Battery Storage Solutions

The Solis RHI series is designed for residential hybrid systems, which can work with batteries to optimize self-consumption offering a complete Solar Storage Solution. The unit can operate in both off- and on-grid modes. The Solis RHI series has three different models
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Pylontech Batteries

The US2000 is an HESS solar battery system provided by Pylontech, developed with their own lithium iron phosphate cell to ensure the highest safety value and most promising life cycle.

In conjunction with a Solis Inverter it provides an ideal Battery Storage Solution.
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Battery Solutions for existing PV Systems

Compatible with any existing grid-tied PV system, option to upgrade the current grid-tied system to a new battery storage system

Convenient real-time monitoring realized via wireless communication and intelligent debugging APP which support one-click inverter configuration

This retro fit device along with Pylontech batteries gives a complete Battery Storage Solution to you existing PV system.
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